Learn anything with YouTube search and Listenbox

This guide provides a method to quickly build general knowledge and later dive deeper into the more difficult aspects on any topic that you can search on YouTube. I'm going to be using "Google Ads" as an example, but you can use this method for pretty much anything.

  1. Open YouTube and search for "Google Ads".
  2. Adjust filters, I recommend "Over 20 minutes" because those videos go more in depth. YouTube filters
  3. Copy URL of the search results page including applied filters.
  4. Go to Listenbox and paste that URL. First loading might take up to a minute, that's normal.
  5. (Optional) While listening, ask Siri to write down the difficult parts that you need to come back to later. Or use a note-taking podcast app like Snipd. Then you can learn more about those things by Googling or asking ChatGPT.

Now you have a ready to listen podcast. Or to watch, Listenbox supports video too. You can go for a walk, for a drive or a run, wash dishes and start learning. Don't forget to increase the audio speed and set a sleep timer if you're tired.

Happy learning!